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China ... the fastest growing market in the world

Building a successful business in China requires a detailed understanding of how the China digital ecosystem works, knowing what you can do in each channel to promote your wares and partners you trust to deliver the outcomes you need.

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Too many companies have failed in China because they have simply looked to translate their branding and marketing into Mandarin. This seldom works.

At the Byte Channel we look to test your products and services with the China audience, identify what resonates and how we can position your brand within the Chinese culture and business environment.

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In China there is no Google, no facebook, no Instagram and most of the channels to market you know are banned. What yo can say and what online channels you can use to talk about your business varies from industry to industry and in some cases from product to product. 

To be successful you will need to set up and operate a Chinese digital ecosystem for your business. Without which you will simply not be able to engage with your customers.

At The Byte Channel we can assist you to design and implement an effective Chinese digital footprint that will help you engage with your prospective customers.

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The Chinese market is too large and complex for one partner to do everything you will need.

At the Byte Channel we offer a different approach than most agencies, we act as your primary advisor and program manger for China and the Chinese speaking audience.

Where we have the right team to meet your needs we will operate and deliver the services ourselves, however where we believe there are better partners and service providers available to improve your chance of success then we are happy to engage and run the services on your behalf.

In this way we can assure you, our client will work with to best agencies and partners in the market. While at the same time have a partner who will take responsibility for delivering to your KPI's.

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