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EU Tax Services

In 2021 the EU closed its sales tax loop holes to ensure that all companies selling products into the EU would pay sales tax.

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The Byte Channel has partnered with Arxanum to offer our clients across the world the opportunity to easily manage the sales and Tax payment for products being sold into the EU. 

We can also support sales into Switzerland and the UK opening a market of over 500 million. 

Contact us to learn more.  

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As more Australasian companies look to expand their e-commerce operations into Europe, navigating the complex web of VAT rules has become a major hurdle. Through our strategic partnership with arXanum, we can now offer best-in-class VAT compliance solutions to simplify selling into the EU market."

Through The Byte Channel's exclusive partnership with arXanum we now offer VAST (VAT Assurance Services Technology) to businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and the broader Australasian region.

IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop)

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Our IOSS service simplifies VAT reporting for sales of goods imported into the EU worth less than €150. Don't delay the delivery of your products to yor valued customers or force them to deal with the logistics providers to pay VAT. 
Our IOSS service covers your VAT payment, compliance and reporting across all 27 EU countries.

OSS (One-Stop Shop)



OSS allows businesses to report and pay VAT on all distance sales of goods and services to EU consumers through a single return.
We can manage your VAT & compliance for all your high value and large volume sales both B2C & B2B.

Fiscal Representative Services

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We can operate as a local Fiscal Representative to handle VAT registrations, filings, and interactions with EU tax authorities on behalf of your non-EU businesses.
This model allows you to grow your export program with B2B channels, manage compliance across all 27 jurisdiction, allows you to move goods across countries without additional VAT implications and improves your cashflow as VAT is not withheld upon entry.

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